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How will you fund all of these exciting Apple casino games?

With money, of course!

We have several options for you....

The following credit cards are accepted. They have a minimum deposit requirement of $19.75 and a maximum daily transfer amount of $349.75.

  • VISA

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

If none of the credit card options are available to you, or if you would like to select an alternative payment option, please refer to the next list of deposit methods.

  • NETeller *25% deposit bonus! (min. deposit of $20 and max. daily of $350)
  • Electronic Check (check with the casino to use this option)

  • Prepaid ATM Cards (these will be used as credit cards)

We always enjoy a good deposit bonus!

If the deposit method isn't listed here, then the Apple casinos don't currently accept it.

The casinos have also noted that when you sign-up and make your first deposit, it is extremely important that all of the address and contact information matches your credit card or banking information exactly or you may run into problems with your company declining the deposit. (This is especially true for U.S. residents, even though Apple casinos welcome U.S. players.)

Now that you know what your options are, choose one of the games we suggested and start winning money!