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Do you want to win big? We mean really BIG??

For years people have gone to gas stations and convenience stores to purchase little paper tickets in order to try to win a jackpot. Well, let today be your lucky day and let's save some trees while you're at it! If you are an Apple computer user and you love online casinos then these are the types of jackpots you can look forward to with only a few clicks of your mouse....

First, let's explain how they work. The basics of a jackpot at these casinos is as follows:

  • The casino has a base for the jackpot to start at and it's provided with their money

  • As long as a lucky player doesn't win that jackpot right away, before other people have had a chance to try their luck unsuccessfully at it, then all of the unsuccessful players' money that was bet in trying to win it goes into the pool for the jackpot and it grows even bigger

  • The jackpot will continue to grow until a lucky winner or winners hit the right point in the game that they are playing to win BIG (That could mean a lot of money for a special person. Is it going to be you?)
Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Well, it is.

Now, you just have to choose a game that you enjoy playing long enough so that that special person can be you! And, once again, we are going to help you out with making this decision by giving you a few suggestions.

Our absolute favorite jackpot game is "10's or Better" at Las Vegas USA Casino. We were fairly enthralled with it for almost a full hour upon first playing it! The option to double the bet upon winning a hand or only betting the half is sooo very tempting that we couldn't resist it. No matter what type of games you like to play at any of the Apple casinos, we can't stress enough how much we enjoyed this game! For the poker lovers, this is definitely the pick to play at our featured casino.

How would you like to win a jackpot worth over $20,000? We certainly would. At Sun Palace Casino that is a very real possibility and it just keeps rising higher! The game to play for this jackpot is going to be "Texas Tea" and we are certain that you will find it as hard to close out of as we did! Yes, this is a slot game; however, it is a jackpot slot game so we are mentioning it here. It was voted as one of our most favorite slot games and once you play it for yourself, we know you'll understand why!

A smaller jackpot that is easy to play for is in the "008" game at Slots Plus Casino. We have found ourselves to be quite lucky at it and the jackpot possibility is very tempting! Betting the max brought us well over our original deposit and when we eventually drifted below the original gambling amount, we really didn't care that much because the game was exciting enough to take away the sting of the loss. Play it once and you'll be hooked....

Finally, our last jackpot suggestion has to be "Double Up & Win" at Casino Action. The reason we chose this one is because it is similar to the "10's or better" game. The jackpot is currently sitting at over $17,000 and the chance of doubling your winnings, and being successful at it, is just too much to say "no" to!