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Las Vegas USA Casino was chosen as our featured casino because of its class. When you get to its homepage, it doesn't have that "too busy" feel that many casinos can get. (It's quite aesthetically pleasing in our opinion.)

It offers several different types of online casino games that are compatible with Apple computers. The games are classic and easy to understand, with the pay-tables set at the top of each one to let you know how much you will be winning when you make your next spin on the slots or bet at the tables.

The games they offer are very simple. They don't require a download, as they use Flash Software, so you won't need to store anything to your computer, except when you add them to your bookmarks! (One of our favorite games that they offer is the video poker and it can be very addictive, so be careful when you start winning to not gamble it all away!)

Also, we enjoy the old-school feel of the slot games. It's like being inside the casino and sitting in front of a real machine. The themes are varied and come with all the bells and whistles that you could ask for in a physical casino, including selecting to have the arm pull down to start the spinning. (We suggest that you try the "Lucky 7" one as we found it to be quite the winner!)

All of their games are easy for Apple users to play as all you have to do is register if you haven't already, login, make certain that you have deposited the funds that you would like to play with and click on the game that you would like to try. Very simple. Very quick. We are positive that you will find playing at this casino to be as uncomplicated as you may find the online casinos to be.

Offering over 40 different Apple-compatible online casino games, Las Vegas USA Casino is definitely the casino to check out!